Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What brings you to downtown Waterbury?

Library Park, adjacent to Silas Bronson Library
It's a pleasant place to take a lunch time stroll.

Perhaps you are visiting the Bronson Library to do family history research.  Typically, people contact me because their ancestors grew up in Waterbury or spent part of their lives here.  I can help you search for obituaries in the newspaper archive.  Did you know that we had three daily newspapers in Waterbury at one point in time?  If you want to be thorough, you have to check all three!  No, actually, I usually have good luck with the Republican. 

Our Genealogy and Local History Collection is much more extensive than you might realize.  We have books about almost every Connecticut city and town.  We also have a lot of material about other New England states as well as New York.  Please take a minute to peruse this overview of the collection.

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